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Monday, August 16, 2010


I am not a breakfast-food person.  My normal breakfast through the week is raw almonds and raisins eaten at my desk (or, if traffic is really bad, in the car), and sometimes oatmeal in the winter (also eaten at my desk out of a cup).  On the weekends I'll have some toast or fruit.  A lot of traditional breakfast food is heavy on the dairy and eggs, and would always upset my stomach, even when I was younger--makes sense since I discovered my intolerance to both of them.

I really like vegan muffins, but I haven't had pancakes since I cut dairy out of my diet.  I came across this recipe by Angela on Oh She Glows for vegan spelt pancakes and they looked so yummy and simple that I decided to make them for Sunday morning breakfast for my boys and me.  I omitted the protein powder and maca powder since I didn't have them and doubled the recipe.  They were tasty, my friends.  I've never used spelt flour, nor have I ever put cinnamon in pancakes, but they turned out wonderfully--light and fluffy and flavorful.  My boys had a different opinion, however.  My son liked them at first, but then decided that they had "crust" on them and wanted toast (with the crusts cut off, of course) instead.  My husband started eating them and informed me that he didn't like cinnamon, and didn't I know that after all these years?  Well...no.  I remembered that he doesn't like lemons except in pie and lemonade, but I didn't know about the cinnamon.  Then he said, "Well, they're good, once you get used to the cinnamon..."  Pause.  "These are whole wheat, aren't they?"  Yes, darling, they're whole wheat.

Anyway, more for me!  I put some Earth Balance spread and real maple syrup (first time having real maple syrup instead of the fake syrup) on my cinnamon-licious pancakes and had a party.  I will have to try to find some protein powder, because I need a hit of protein in the morning. 

We went to a local corn festival this weekend and I was highly disturbed by the food offerings.  I know it's a fair, but seriously, deep-fried Oreos?  (They also offered deep-fried Twinkies.)  They did have corn, however, and it was tasty (and not deep-fried).  I ended up winning my little guy a goldfish.  He was so excited.  We then had to buy a bowl and food, and I'm not sure how long the fish will last, and I'm not sure what we'll do if the fish kicks it.  As my husband said, "I think he's still too young to understand the circle of life."  Which then prompted a discussion about Elton John and The Lion King.

Maybe getting the fish as a pet prompted this...  My little guy and I were at the grocery store yesterday, and by the seafood counter they have a tank of live lobsters that people can buy.  We go to this grocery store once a week at least and sometimes pass by the tank more than once since it's on the way to the bathroom, but this is the first time my son really noticed it.  He said, "Are those lobsters?"  When I answered yes, he said, in a fairly neutral tone, "People eat them?"  Eek!  I said, "Yes.  But we don't eat them because Mommy thinks it's mean how they're treated."  He looked at them thoughtfully and then said, "I think it's mean, too."  Then on our way back from the bathroom (we're always at the furthest point from the bathroom when he declares he needs to go) he stood at the tank and watched the lobsters for a few minutes.  He didn't say anything else about it, but I wonder what he was thinking in that little head of his. 


  1. We have a bowl and food you should have borrowed ours! Poor B had to find out about Lobsters! Riley always has to go at Super Walmart she just likes using the little potty in the family bathroom! LOL

  2. Ewww about the fair food! At our local fair recently, I noticed they had deep fat fried avocado! Why would you treat a gorgeous delectable offering from the earth in such a way?! Boggles the mind! I also feel for the lobsters...I have never been a fan of eating them! I can't believe how cruelly they are boiled alive! :(

  3. Come on Hollie...you don't want to try a deep fried oreo? OK...never mind, I don't even want to try that. The corn was awesome though.

    As far as the pancakes, they weren't bad, but you can't compete with Hot Cakes from McD's.

    I can't believe Ben asked if people eat lobsters. I have to admit, I have never understood seeing your food live before you eat it either.