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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tofurkey: Thy name is NEMESIS!

Last week I blogged about how much I love Tofurkey...yeah, not so much anymore.  It seems that while I love Tofurkey, Tummy down there does not and has been punishing me quite soundly.  Tummy doesn't seem to like a lot of things and lets me know about it, quite rudely, I might add.  Among Tofurkey, Tummy hates: orange juice, peanuts (well, really any nut that isn't an almond), peanut butter that hasn't been cooked or baked, eggplant, an excess of tomatoes, uncooked onions, and most packaged, processed snack foods.  In fact, just looking at a bag of Lay's potato chips makes Tummy get very, very nervous.  Oh, and dairy and eggs, of course.  I don't remember how Tummy feels about beef or pork, since it's been about 10 years, but Tummy has started to get a little pissy about poultry.  (Tummy, like Elmo, consistently refers to Tummy's self in the third person.) 

Eek, this has been a stressful week.  Classes start next week and I will be a college student again for the first time in 8 years!  I went to an orientation lunch on Tuesday and tonight there is an orientation reception, so I've been meeting a lot of people.  There's a good mix of different people in my program--some who are young professionals like me, some who are straight out of undergrad, and some who are older professionals with teenagers at home.  I had a woman ask me how I balance school, work, and having a young child...I told her I had no idea because classes haven't started yet!  I think I should be okay, at least this semester.  My class has a lot of reading, which I'm not afraid of, and only one paper.  As long as I utilize my lunch hour responsibly--i.e. reading my course materials instead of reading fiction...

I also had to pull off a fairly large event yesterday...it went pretty well, despite one attendee throwing a hissy fit about parking (no, dude, I will not pay your parking ticket because you forgot to read my email in which I TALK ABOUT PARKING) and it being approximately 1 million degrees in our outdoor reception tent.  I also wasn't thrilled with the caterers, who told me they could definitely do a vegan wrap (for me) and a gluten-free vegetarian wrap (for an attendee)...and then all we got was some lettuce.  They will be getting an email from me, make no mistake.

I received the results for my bloodwork, and everything looks good...except my vitamin D level is super low.  I've been going back and forth about what kind of vitamin D to supplement with--the D-2 is totally vegan, but a lot of research has shown that the body doesn't utilize it very well.  D-3 is not vegan, since it's made from wool, but I found "vegetarian" D-3...so I'm not quite sure what that means.  I haven't been able to find a suitable explanation on how vegetarian vitamin D-3 is produced.  My doctor was very specific, telling me to supplement with 5,000 I.U.'s of vitamin D-3 for 12 weeks and then lower it to 2,000 I.U.'s for maintenance, and since I live in a northern climate, it's really important for me to supplement correctly.  Does anyone know anything about this?

I was quite impressed that my iron level was the highest I think it's ever been--and I've only been eating poultry a few times a week.  Must be all those leafy greens.  (Which, by the way, Tummy adores.)


  1. Amy's Tummy hates Slim Fast and there had a rebelan against me yesterday. Tummy- You going to drink Slim Fast! Take that YOU!!! Its was an ugly war and Tummy won!

  2. What did I tell you....just because you don't have an "official" intolerance or allergy to dairy doesn't mean your tummy agrees with what the doctor says!

  3. Poor tummy :(

    Yay for college! My semester starts next week too. Good luck! :D

  4. I start school next week too. :O A little nervous, but I've been preparing some yummy snacks to take with me. :) I hope Tummy gets to feeling better real soon!

  5. Horray with the Steven Colbert picture! Colbert Nation has now invaded the Tree Hugging Redhead blog!

    Oh, and good luck at college too :)