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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 1: Breakfast issues

Today is the first day of going sugarless!  I prepped this weekend by getting rid of (i.e. eating) most of the sugary treats I had left in the house.  My best friend, who was up visiting for the weekend, took some stuff home with her.  I still have a quart of Trader Joe's Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream that I may have to store at my mom's house.

I also dragged my husband and son to Whole Foods to stock up on a few things that Alicia suggested in her book--miso soup (which just sounds yummy), brown rice syrup, etc.  However, I discovered that my local grocery store and Trader Joe's (which are both 2 minutes away from my house, as opposed to 45 minutes away) probably have everything I need (I couldn't find miso soup without sugar, brown rice syrup, or Vegenaise at Whole Foods).  My son got a vegan blueberry muffin, though, so he was happy, and my husband stoically endured the long grocery store visit.  He told me that he knows I'll have to be eating a lot of fresh foods on this quest, and since I don't have a lot of time to go to the grocery store he volunteered to go to the store for me if I needed him to during the week.  That is support, people.  My man has a strong dislike for any store that does not sell electronics. 

I have a delicious lunch packed--turkey, hummus, and alfalfa sprouts on a whole grain tortilla, a big leafy salad, and cherries and blueberries.  (When I was living with my parents right after college and was still a vegetarian, I bought sprouts and put them in the fridge.  My dad was perusing the shelves one day, spotted the sprouts, and yelled, "Why is there grass in the refrigerator?!  It belongs outside!")  But I'm going to have problems with breakfast.

I am not a big breakfast eater.  I know I need food in the morning, but I don't have time to eat breakfast at home and I need something that isn't rich but still has protein.  Since I started back to work, I've been making a trail mix that consists of raw almonds, cranberries, raisins, and chocolate chips.  Let's face it--the chocolate chips are what makes it good.  I can't eat chocolate chips (well, I can eat the grain-sweetened, but I tasted them yesterday and was not too hyped) and I can't find unsweetened cranberries anywhere.  So this morning I just had almonds and raisins.  Well, I was distracted at Whole Foods yesterday (making sure my son didn't mow any innocent shoppers down with the mini shopping cart) and just grabbed a bag of unsalted almonds.  I discovered this morning that they are not raw--they are roasted with peanut oil.  Now, this should make them more delicious, but, like I do with lots of foods, I have issues with peanuts, especially in the morning.  My tummy doesn't like them and they have been a trigger food for my migraines ever since I was pregnant with my son.  But I didn't have anything else protein-wise besides a block of raw tofu, so I just packed them and ate some anyway.  And now I have a migraine and my tummy is irritated with me. 

I need breakfast ideas, everyone!  Please post them. 


  1. Yes, I just looked at a box. So can you eat fruit? Because fruit has sugar in it.

  2. Some thoughts:
    eggs (or scrambled tofu) - it's quick and easy to add veggies;
    oatmeal - you could add ground flaxseed, blueberries, almonds, cinnamon, etc. for some nutritional punch (Are you eating alternative sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, or agave?);
    no-sugar muffins (like http://www.lanierbb.com/recipes/data/670.html);
    fresh fruit salad.
    Might any of those work? I'm not used to thinking 'no sugar'...

  3. Thanks everyone. Amy, I am eating fruit--I'm just not eating processed sugar like cane sugar. Miss Kelly, it's nice to see you! Thanks for the suggestions--I can make scrambled tofu the night before and then pop it in the microwave at work. I did oatmeal this morning. I will probably do agave, but not honey and I'm not sure about maple syrup. It's so...maple-y. Those muffins look yummy--I bet Mr. B would like them.

  4. I'm going to post some recipes on my blog... For breakfast I usually eat veggie soup or roasted veggies. I make a big pot of soup for the week. I also roast a huge pan of vegetables. Super easy to reheat and DELICIOUS! It may take a few days to get over the fact you're eating veggies for breakfast, but it's really filling and quick to just pop in the microwave!

  5. You could hard-boil eggs the night before, and pack and eat as needed.

  6. Hmm, veggies for breakfast? Interesting. Nikki, I think of you every time I use my crock pot. :) I can't eat eggs, though, because they make me break out in hives. I have issues.

  7. I am still in shock your husband offered to go shopping for you ! My husband hates shopping with a capital H ! That is really great he is being super supportive of you. You are definitely going to need it with such a hugs goal to accomplish. Good Luck Hollie ! I think that breakfast would be my hardest and I am sorry I cannot think of any suggestions. I don't have much time in the morning and breakfast would be a hard meal to stay committed on.