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Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 11: TGIF!

For some reason this has felt like the longest week, even though I had Tuesday off.  I had a horrible migraine yesterday and things were just cranky and stressful.  But today is Friday, and I get to have date night with my hubby, and tomorrow I get to sleep in and then hit up the farmers market!

I have really been craving ice cream.  My husband asked me if I wanted dairy ice cream and I said, "No, soy," and he laughed himself silly at me.  "Oooh, you're so bad!  Soy ice cream!"  I don't even remember what dairy ice cream tastes like.  However, I certainly remember what Trader Joe's Cherry Chocolate Chunk Frozen Soy Dessert tastes like, and I miss it.  It's been so hot--maybe I will make some juice "popsicles" this weekend.  My little guy loves those.

Today was a first for me--I managed to use up all the fresh fruit in the house!  Usually I toss out at least a few brown bananas or old apples, but this morning I discovered I had one peach left in the whole place.  My son helped me finish off the organic strawberries from Whole Foods (they were on sale for $2.99...so ripe and juicy....I wish I would've gotten more!), ditto with the bananas, and all my cherries and blueberries were finished at the beginning of the week.  I had to buy an apple in the cafeteria today for lunch--the first time in 11 days I have bought something at lunch (at work--weekend don't count)!  Now, if only I could say the same for the kale waiting to be cooked...oh kale, I will get to you this weekend.

Last night we re-joined our community recreation center.  They have an awesome indoor pool complete with a kids' splash area (and a lazy river, my husband's favorite), tons of classes, and a good exercise machine area.  I have a feeling that my next 30-day challenge will have something to do with fitness.  I am also going to take swimming lessons.  For those of you who don't know me personally (and maybe even some that do), I have a huge water fear.  I almost drowned in the ocean at 16 and have been terrified of water ever since.  I'll get in it, but never above my shoulders, and I never put my head under water (which goes along with another fear of mine, not being able to breathe).  My husband loves water, however, and loves to swim, and our son is currently taking swimming lessons at the rec center with my mother-in-law--and he's turning into quite the fishy as well.  The rec center offers adult swim classes and I'm going to join the class, which starts the end of August and runs through the beginning of October.

Eek, I'm getting totally anxious just thinking about it!

(Photo Credit: Wesley Hargrave, Daily Mail)


  1. Good for eating all the fruit in the house! I looked in the fridge last weekend and most all of the grapes were gone - Dad was them! I was so proud of him!

  2. I am looking forward to going swimming more. Good job signing up for classes!

  3. I think we all 3 of use almost drowned in the Ocean that year we went! Riley always wants bananas so we get them and end out throwing them all away because no one eats them! She will eat all the grapes and cummbers with out a problem. I should go tot he farmer market one day.

  4. Amy, you should come with us next weekend! Ben would love to go with his Liley!