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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 3: Meh

So, maybe this is normal when you're not hyped up on sugar, or maybe it's because I got way less than my requisite 8 hours of sleep last night, but I'm feeling very....yeah.  Just kind of here.  Just really mellow. 

Aaanyway.  Yesterday I did much better with the eating, and I didn't try to eat my steering wheel by the time I got to my parents' house after work to pick up the little guy.  We ended up staying for dinner and I had my leftover rice and cherries and blueberries from lunch and a turkey burger patty.  I was in a horrible mood, though, and didn't feel fit for being in public, and my son was not happy to go home early and be taken away from his cousins.  I wanted to do some tofu scrambling last night but my son needed lots of Mommy time, so I played trains (which somehow morphed into playing tigers) and gave him a bath instead.  When he had his snack of toast (the kid is a toast freak, he loves bread like crazy!), I had a piece of toasted Ezekiel bread with Earth Balance and all-fruit spread (which we've been eating for months, so much yummier that high-fructose corn syrup jam).

This morning I set my alarm 10 minutes earlier so I wasn't cutting it so close on leaving for work, but my little guy decided he was going to wake up with me....so, "Mommy, I want to snuggle wif you!" and "Mommy, I want to watch Blue's Clues!" and "Mommy, I want a sammich just like yours!" ate up a lot of time.  I had leftover oatmeal at work already, and I packed myself a turkey, mustard, and Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella cheese sandwich on Ezekiel bread, leftover rice, salad greens, watermelon, apples, organic chips and salsa, and cucumbers and carrots.  Waaay too much food, I know, and I'll be taking it home for dinner, but I like knowing I'm going to have something to snack on if I get stuck in traffic again.  The key to this new way of eating is to eat a little bit, but eat often.  When I ate my lunch I only had half a sandwich, half of the amount of rice I brought, my salad, and half of the fruit I brought, and I'm totally satisfied.  I've been working on chewing my food thoroughly, too, especially since my body isn't so used to a lot of whole grains. 

I've also noticed a huge benefit to bringing my lunch--soooo much less garbage.  I usually eat lunch in one of the cafeterias on campus, and I would throw a whole tray full of garbage away every day.  Now I pack my lunch in reusable containers and bring my reusable water bottle with me and today I threw away...one napkin!  Plus I have more time during my lunch hour to read and relax, as opposed to standing in the cafeteria line.

This weekend is going to be a real challenge, however, because we tend to eat out at restaurants a lot on the weekends.  And tomorrow night my husband and I are having "date night"--dinner and a movie--and I'm trying to figure out where we can eat and how I will stay strong against the tasty (butterless) movie theater popcorn.

Because if I have one weakness, it is popcorn...


  1. I don't know what area you are going out to, Tree Hugger's Cafe in Berea is really good and has many different options for vegans and vegetarians. They use all organic ingredients . It is casual but opens up a lot of options on what to eat

  2. Yes Little Mister was not happy when you left I don't think I've ever heard him cry when you were leaving. he's never super happy but I though it was Riley!

    I will ask my friends for some good places to eat out they are vegans and vegetarinas.

  3. Your son sounds sooo cute! :D

    I totally feel you on packing lunch! I used to eat out at my office almost everyday, but now I pack breakfast, snacks, and lunch. It has helped my wallet, the environment, AND I'm positive my waistline! Good note on the packing enough snacks to get through traffic, I am going to keep that in mind for sure.

    Have fun on your date night! :)