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Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 4: Alejandro...just let me go!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I am so glad it's the end of the week....the weekend means date night tonight, farmers market tomorrow, and sleeping!  We're thinking of having a cooking day this weekend, so we're not scrambling for meals during the week like we have been.

Today I'm feeling much better than yesterday.  Yesterday...oh man.  The she-beast escapeth.  I was labeling envelopes at work (no matter what job I have, it will probably always include mailings) and my hands were so shaky that all my labels were crooked.  When I finally got home after picking the little guy up from my mother-in-law's and stopping at Trader Joe's, I was ready to faint from hunger.  I stood in front of the refrigerator and was SO MAD.  "I don't want to eat another freaking salad...rice is the devil....I want a glass of Very Vanilla soymilk....."  I ended up eating a turkey burger patty (again), watermelon, and a salad.  I had been having low-grade nausea the past few days, too, and had only gotten 6 hours of sleep the night before, which improved my mood even more.  I was super crabby with my husband and son and wanted to lock myself in a room where I could stomp around and moan about how I didn't want to do this anymore.  I was all, "What did I get myself iiiinto?  Why do I feel so baaaad?  Why can't I detox from this stupid sugar already?"  Stomp, pout, whine, stomp.  Slam the door for good measure.  Stomp.  (Okay, I actually didn't do any of that, because what would that teach my son?  I did pout a bit, however.)

I don't know if it was getting enough sleep, the fact that it's Friday, the weather cooling down considerably, or my body adjusting, but today I'm feeling....okay!  I tried to do the oatmeal in the morning earlier this week, but it just wasn't doin' it for me.  I picked up some raw almonds at TJ's and had those with raisins this morning and it really sustained me.  I think I need that kick of fat and protein in the morning to stabilize my blood sugar or something.  I had apple slices mid-morning and ended up going to lunch late because I wasn't totally starving.  For lunch I had the other half of my sandwich from yesterday, a salad with sugar snap peas (which I looove--so crunchy and sweet), rice, and cherries and blueberries.  True confession time: I really do not like rice.  White rice, brown rice--I am not a rice kind of girl.  Alicia recommends eating it with every meal, and in macrobiotics they claim it's the perfect food because its yin and yang is so close to balanced, but I just am not a fan.  I might be getting used to it, though, because it wasn't too bad at lunch today.  Another grain I cannot stand is quinoa (pronounced keen-wa for those of you reading who didn't know--I didn't know until I Wiki'd it).  I've tried it a few times and I hate the texture.  It looks like slimy little eyeballs to me.  I know, gross, huh?  And it tastes kind of like hose water.  Maybe I should mix it with something?

This weekend I just need to stay on track and make lots of yummy food for the week.  I might make myself a treat with brown rice syrup (which is permitted, since it doesn't crash your sugar levels up and down like cane sugar)--if I can find it.  I will have to head to the local health food store, which I am currently in a fight with because they treated my husband and son horribly there one day when my husband was picking up some bakery for me.  I need to find:

-brown rice syrup, as mentioned
-brown rice cereal puffs
-almond milk
-shiitake mushrooms
-some sort of sea vegetable
-Daiya vegan cheese (which is rumored to be way better than Follow Your Heart, which I currently use)

So wish me luck in my hunt, and I will probably not check back in until Monday.  Have a great weekend!


  1. just got daiya today and had them put it on my pizza at the local pizza show and it was awesome! i don't really like follow your heart. i also got arame (not sure what i'm going to do with it yet) and brown rice syrup which was less expensive than i thought. I'm also trying to watch my sugar because my skin is freaking out and everyone on tkl is suggesting to cut out sugar so i know how you feel! i'm so glad that you are starting to feel better, alicia said detoxing from sugar takes less time than from dairy and you already did that so you can do this! you probably already mentioned this but why are you cutting out sugar again?

    i can't wait to follow you durning your journey.

  2. Jessica, I'm cutting out sugar for a lot of reasons--health, improve my skin, lose some weight, even out my moods, not feel like I'm going to fall asleep all the time... :)

  3. I LOVE Almond milk!! It's super tasty.. I buy the vanilla and it does have evaporated cane juice in it. I'm not sure about the original flavor.

    Let me know about your sea vegetable.. I've been thinking of ordering some Kombu online.. Not sure I could find it down here.

  4. I know how ya feel about the rice! I'm not really a fan of brown rice...I don't like how its all hard feeling as opposed to soft white rice. I do like that it is much better for me though, so I grin and bear it. I find that it does help to mix it with veggies or noodles instead of eating it plain. I'm sure it will get easier for you once you're through the detox phase! Just keep on truckin' girlie! :)

  5. I like to cook my quinoa in vegetable stock. Gives it a little bit of flavor. I made a quinoa salad one time where I chopped up fresh veggies like cucumber, zucchini, and tomatoes, and poured a lemony dressing over the top. It was yummy! Maybe you could trick your tastebuds that way. I hope you get through your detox quickly!

  6. Ewwww...you ate something that looks like slimy eyeballs? I am glad I didn't see that...I probably wouldn't be able to kiss you for a week.