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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 10: 1/3 of the way through!

Welcome to Day 10, everyone!  I must say, I had my doubts on if I'd get this far.  I'm feeling pretty good!  I feel a lot more steady, and my moods feel a bit more consistent throughout the day.  My skin is also looking a little better--usually during my "time of the month" my face has a freakout, but this month it was relatively tame.  I'm still having problems with rosacea, however--not sure if that will clear up a bit the longer I'm off sugar.

Last night I wanted a treat so much!  It didn't help that I was home alone with the little guy, hanging out and playing trains.  He wouldn't care if Mommy had one of those soy ice cream sandwiches, as long as he was allowed one, too....but I stayed strong, thought of my adoring public (yes, Husband, I can see you rolling your eyes), and had a half of a peanut butter and jam sandwich on Ezekiel bread, which seemed to take care of the fat and sugar I was craving.  I am not a fan of the natural peanut butters--all that gloppy oil grosses me out, and after you put it in the fridge it does not spread and destroys your bread.  However, the last time I was at Whole Foods, they had a coupon for the Earth Balance peanut butter, so I tried it.  It's really good!  To be honest, it's a healthier version of traditional, Jif-life peanut butters--sweetened with agave syrup, has some added oils and flaxseed--but I think it's great for people transitioning to healthier peanut butters.  I have the crunchy at home--I'll have to get the creamy for my guys (my husband loves Jif and also loves to quote the commercial at me--"Choosy moms choose Jif!"--which never fails to anger me because it implies that if you don't choose Jif you're just a crap mom). 

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods without a list, got overwhelmed and hurried, and managed to leave without getting what I went for--some sort of sea vegetable.  Sigh.  I don't know if they have them in any of the stores closer to me--my local grocery store may, though, because they have a decent international foods section.  I didn't see any the last time I went, but I was also attempting to keep my son from barreling down an old lady or small child with the shopping cart, so I could have missed something.  However, I did get new, natural deodorant at Whole Foods yesterday.  I switched my shampoo and conditioner to Kiss My Face Big Body last summer, and I love it.  It doesn't have any synthetic fragrances in it, which I am incredibly sensitive to, but has essential oils that smell wonderful.  I've been waffling on changing my deodorant, because I've been using the same deodorant/antiperspirant my entire life (well, since puberty), and I didn't want to be smelly.  Also, even though a lot of products are supposed to be all natural, some still contain synthetic fragrance, and I was a bit confused by all the differences in formulation.  I'm reading Do It Gorgeously, however, and the author, Sophie Uliano, has a recipe for making your own deodorant, and in it she says that lavender essential oil is great to use in deodorant because it has antibacterial properties.  I LOVE natural lavender.  Love love love!  They have these lavender sachets at Trader Joe's that you toss into your dryer and they make your clothes smell so good (our clothes all have kind of a non-smell because everything I use is fragrance-free), but not overpowering.  So I grabbed Kiss My Face's Liquid Rock in lavender, which seems to have good reviews.  Today is my first day wearing it and I am smelly-free so far (but I don't exactly exert myself at work).  It stayed wet for awhile this morning and I walked around with my arms in the air trying to figure out if it needed to dry before I put my shirt on.  Good thing my husband was still asleep, or a picture would've ended up on Facebook--me drying my armpits in front of a fan or something.


  1. You put your peanut butter in the frige!? Never!

  2. Good for you girl for making it to day 10! That is fantastic!

    Aaand your deoderant bit made me laugh out loud :), hehe.

  3. Amy, you have to refrigerate some natural peanut butters because they don't have any kind of preservatives in them.

  4. You considered making your own deodorant? Oh my gosh...I don't even know what to say.

  5. Huh, I don't think the kind I get does but I will double check!